Bundle Promo: BUY ONE PAIR (CAP700) FREE ONE PAIR (CAP302)


  • 人工智能降噪 (AINC)
  • IP67 防尘/防水
  • 1700mAh 锂离子电池
  • 无线克隆(配对所有频道)
  • C 型充电器接口
  • CTCSS/DCS 保密代码
  • 语音激活传输 (VOX)
  • 扫描/高级扫描
  • 22 个频道。
  • 1 年制造商保修。
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  • AI Noise Reduction: Experience immersive audio like never before – whether you’re in a bustling cafe, on a noisy commute, or working from home, background noise is unpredictable. Our advanced AI algorithms intelligently identify and filter out unwanted sounds, allowing you to focus on what really matters and enhance your communication experience.
    Durability and reliability, IP67 waterproof: Don’t let water hold you back! With our advanced IP67 waterproof features, it is ideal for construction, event planning, retail stores, security, hotels and more. The IP67 rating means it can be soaked in water up to 1 meter deep for 30 minutes. It is also shock-proof and fall-proof, making it ideal for construction, event planning, retail stores, security, hotels, and more.
    Permissionless: Seamlessly communicate without permission with our permissionless CAP700 Business two-way radio, which features 22 channels with 258 privacy codes each, giving you thousands of options to find a safe and interference-free signal.
    Hidden LED display: The display remains hidden until activated and displays the channel, battery and signal status without compromising the simplicity and durability of the device.
    Stylish design: Easily fits into your pocket or belt, ensuring you stay connected without adding bulk.
    Easy to use: user-friendly and intuitive controls that provide a balance of simplicity and functionality
    Wireless cloning: Easily clone device Settings.
    Advanced Scanning: Lets you quickly and easily detect and communicate with other devices on different channels and privacy codes. This feature is especially useful for coordinating with multiple groups or teams or joining ongoing conversations.
    The contents of the box include:
    2 devices with 1700 mAh rechargeable batteries,
    2 belt clips,
    2 headphones,
    2 charging trays,
    2 charging cables,
    1 adapter with 2 USB ports.


Additional information
Weight 1.255 kg
Dimensions 31 × 22 × 12.8 cm

2 walkie talkies, 4 walkie talkies, 6 walkie talkies, 8 walkie talkies


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