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Ciphersmesh was founded with the aim of providing secure and private communication products to its customers.

Two-Way Radio

Portable two-way radio device that allows for communication between users within a certain range. It operates on a push-to-talk mechanism, enabling quick and convenient wireless communication in various settings such as outdoor activities, events, or professional work environments.

High Quality Handheld Radio

Upgrade your communication with our top-tier handheld walkie-talkies. Unparalleled quality, durability, and seamless connectivity. Elevate your connection – choose excellence with our High-Quality Walkie-Talkies.

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Exploring Varied Scenarios with Radios

Recommended models: CAP310 & CAP700
A housekeeping manager can easily communicate via two-way radios to housekeeping staff located throughout the hotel. If a guest calls the main housekeeping line to request more towels, the housekeeping manager can radio their team to request that the closest housekeeper deliver the towels.

Recommended models: CAP310 & CAP700
When restaurant staff is equipped with two-way radio, key information can be disseminated quickly and efficiently. For example, a host can alert servers that a VIP has just arrived. Kitchen staff can tell servers that the fish of the day is sold out. Servers can quickly ask for a manager’s assistance to handle a complaint.

Recommended models: CAP310 & CAP700
During a conference or a wedding, many different departments collaborate to pull off the big event- and often across thousands of square feet of space. Efficient communication is crucial! During setup, event staff can request additional chairs without needing to walk away from the task at hand. Servers can alert kitchen staff that the buffet is running low without walking several minutes to the kitchen. When the event concludes, event staff can radio the front desk to let them know to expect a rush in the lobby.

Recommended models: CAP310 & CAP700
Guest arrival or departure presents crucial handoff between guardhouse and different condo’s stationed guard. When these departments are connected via two-way radios, guardhouse can inform stationed guard on guest arriving & vice versa. In the event of emergency, these department can communicate efficiently for evacuation arrangement.

Recommended models: CAP310 & CAP700
Walkie talkies are a fun and convenient way to communicate with your family and kids, especially when you are outdoors or in places where cell phone signals are weak. However, with standard privacy codes CTCSS & DCS, it will only reduce the chances of interference from other users. CAP100 provides additional privacy codes & quick access to enhanced privacy channel for end user to set channel & communicate.

Recommended models: CAP700
In the construction sector, effective communication is vital to ensure smooth operations and maintain a safe work environment. Walkie-talkies can help construction workers communicate with each other in real-time, allowing them to coordinate their efforts and respond quickly to any issues that arise. For example, a worker on the ground can radio a crane operator to let them know when to lift a load.

Recommended models: CAP310 & CAP700
Walkie-talkies are also commonly used in warehouses to improve communication between workers. The use of walkie-talkies allows workers to communicate with one another in real-time, enabling them to keep track of inventory movements, locate particular items, and respond promptly to changes in priorities. By enhancing coordination, errors are minimized and efficiency is maximized.

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